A Biographical Sketch of our Youth Pastor 

Pastor Wesley Reyes

Pastor Wesley J. Reyes is the Youth Pastor at Lee Road Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio. He also serves as youth pastor at Iglesia Nueva Vida (New Life Church) on the west side of Cleveland.  As one of Cleveland’s most dynamic youth pastors, Pastor Wesley works to transform the lives of young people throughout Cleveland with particular emphasis on building youth Christ-likeness and identity.  He is working to open the eyes and lift up the youth and the church to the reality and truth of the word of God; with the hope that they would gain the fullness and reach the utmost potential of their calling and their relationship with God.

He has been ministering, preaching, and outreaching in youth conferences and events throughout the country.  He has also been working in the community for over eight years and is active within the sports community in the inner city.  Pastor Wesley also serves as the Spanish chaplain for the Cleveland Indians organization and graduated from the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative.  Pastor Wesley is husband to Cyndia and they cherish God's gifts in their son and daughter.